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solxlanni is a simple language, based on welsh and middle english. it's not a very well designed language, but it has it's quirks which make it vaguely intresting. the point of this webpage isn't to teach you solxlanni, but rather put the language up on display and show it off. i will be putting the header to each page in solxlanni with the phontics on how to pronounce it and then an English translation

some simple grammar before we start. solxlanni doesn't conjugate verbs, and is technicaly tensless. it departs from it's two main influences by not having gender all-together, there aren't any words for he/she or his/her. it does differenciate between animacy(animate or inanimate).

click here for a guide to solxlanni pronouns, there are quite a few.

i'd suggest memorising the pronouns since that makes solxlanni way easier to understand. other important things about the language include

and here's a rough dictionary ==>CLICK HERE

additional things/fun stuff

osna gaȝxi cyfiaaþu brakaag hŋ. xk en nȝ agaðelw