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sorry for my long inactivity, i have been ignoring my page, anyways. in the time i have been away many things have happened.firstly and most importantly my birthday happened this month (24/12/18 or 12/24/18 for americans) SO i'm now 15 woohoo. second thing to say is boolean logic and algebra, i will link you to some of my creations on simulator.IO i'd really suggest checking it out, it's a simple logic circuit designer and simulator but it is old and has a tendency to be down or have a 502 error, so it ain't reliable. still it is good and has helped me a lot.

on to boolean algebra, it has only three function ¬,^,v; NOT,AND,OR respectively, boolean algebra allows for you to make your own functions for example A#B = ¬(A^B)^(AvB) = (A^¬B)v(¬A^B) = (¬Av¬B)v¬(¬A^¬B) = AXORB, see simple click here to go to a text document displaying the boolean algebra for a carry look ahead adder which doesn't support carry in or out, which isn't good but the exponential equations are a glory to look at.

i've also been learning how the inner workings of computers work, mainly central processors, i've learn't how to construct a logic circuit that counts as turing complete, and have began branching into different programs to build these in to remove limitations (logicly & crash : minecraft redstone mechanics are a pain : real life electronics hurts my finger tips : logisim has it's quirks) but it has helped me learn more and more

websites i suggest

my creations

  • is down

April 2019

my JavaScript project

recently my sister asked if i could make a script which could take in text and add html paragraph tags, this is a link of what i the instructions and maybe try out the example.

May 2020

i joined a discord server called penny's club find the invite here,it's a nice server. as of writing this i haven't been on it too long. as you can guess, it's a neocities server, but you can discuss things like webhosting, making websites, programming and you can worship garfield.

I've also made my own clicker game, you can see it in the index, it's called "clicky game".

July 2020

getting sick of lockdown.

finally made a page for my conlang, and i'm thinking of bringing the general style of that page to my main page. i'm also planning on re-writing my clicker game. i've now made a processor that uses brainfuck as it's machine code, i've dubbed it the BFPA(BrainFuck Processor Architecture) it doesn't yet handle IO[,.] but i'll implement that when i do a revision of the circuit

generating machine code for it is quite easy just take the input brainfuck and clean it up(removing io operations) then make a txt file and add "v2.0 raw" as the first line then just add each commands machine code equiv( + => 0, - => 1) followed by a space then the next command. then select the rom element and use the file you just made as the contents of the rom so.

  def comp(inp , fdir):
    ns = ""
    for i in inp : ns += i if i in "+-><[]" else ""
    with open(fdir,'w') as f:
      f.write("v2.0 raw\n")
      for i in ns: f.write(f"{'+-><[]'.index(i)} ")

a simple python function that takes brainfuck and makes a correctly formatted txt file for logisim rom elements. and adds a halt command to your program

August 2020

just letting you know about my shadertoy by showing a raymarcher that does 1-step reflections


i've been doing more on my conlang page. i've been finding it dificult to add a lot more to it, but the amount of words in the dictionary is steadily growing though. there are now more examples of the language, and the blog style thing i've added contains whole parts written purely in solxlanni as an example of the language, and a treat to those who can translate it.

i'm also going to start rebuilding my clicker game rather than fixing it, there are some things i want to change,add, or just improve in general. so somepoint soon that should be working properly again.


On the 20th of this month, i got my GCSE results. GCSE's are the exams you do at the end of highschool in the UK, you need them to get into college or to get some entry-level jobs. Long story short I'm going to college.

September 2020

on the seventh of this month i'm starting college, which is exciting. i've been quite busy the first week of this month, mainly with the college induction stuff. i've also been doing stuff in blender. below is a picture of my first render using the cycles renderer. it doesn't look amazing since i'm not the best at 3d-modeling or texturing, and i don't have much skill when it comes to colours and whatnot. i'm expecting my 3d-renders in blender will gradualy improve as i learn how to do more and how to make things look better.

October 2020

first half term holiday this month, next one is for christmas. where with highschool you'd have quite a bit of freetime. but with college you don't. i've spent most of my time just doing work. and with some projects i have going on in the background, i haven't had much time to work on this site. but i have fixed my clicker game. i've implemented a rudimentary save system, i've gotten the achievements up and running. next i need to work on a system for buying upgrades. i'm still on the fence with wether or not i should do more in JS but i don't really care about that now.

I've stopped doing anything with blender and unity for the time being, seeing as they take up quite a bit of my freetime and i don't have as much of it at the moment. i've also put the solxlanni page on the backburner so don't expect any big update anytime soon.

another idea i've had, and began working on, is another page where i talk about new things i've learnt, or are trying to learn, in greater details and with correct spelling/punctuation/grammar. don't expect this anytime soon, again time restrictions. i will try to get the first page up before the end of the christmas holidays here in the UK(04/01/2021).

despite what's goin on in my life i am definatly going to be adding to this updates page atleast monthly, each one of these updates doesn't take long to write and i don't think anyone actually reads them.