wykor bardol

/ʊi:.ðor/ /bar.dɔl/

bardic alphabet

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the bardic alphabet[Coelbren y Beirdd] is an alphabet for dating back to the late eighteenth century. it's designed specificaly for welsh, like the runic alphabet it's good for being carved, since each glyph is made up of straight lines, much better than the latin alphabet. I've made a page for this because the alphabet works really well for solxlanni. here is a rough transcription of "ni sia en slx" into the bardic alphabet

i made this in ms paint

slight update


After a bit of further reaserch, I found another variant of the bardic alphabet(shown above). First thing I noticed was a glyph for "wh", which doesn't appear much in welsh. You may also notice it's lacking a glyph for "j". That doesn't bother me much, since "j" in welsh is quite recent and is almost exclusivly used for loan words like "Jac"(Jack) or at a push "joio"("enjoys"{"mwynhay"}). I like this one quit a bit, since it has a much claner feel. When I write down solxlanni though, I mainly use the Latin alphabet, because that's the alphabet I use most often(it's used to write English and Welsh). But when I set my mind to actually write in solxlanni i use a combination or bastardisation of this newer one and an older one. This is because i learn't both of them very close together. I'm not thinking of using this as the "official solxlanni alphabet", I much prefer the idea of solxlanni having an abugida. Due to it's very predictable syllable structure, I think it would work well. I'd most likely base it on Ogham(used for old Irish & Pictish) and Sanskrit. I like the idea of each word being written around a line. I'd make the each glyph made from straight lines like with Ogham and the Bardic alphabet, but I will make it very boxy to have a nice modern-ish feel.

Although I should probably not do that, I might anyway. But the Bardic alphabet works very, very well with solxlanni. Since the alphabet was developed for Welsh, and solxlanni is heavily based on Welsh.